Aug 052013

I had such a laugh forcing slave john into some huge frilly pink rubber knickers. Humiliating him to the core.

Fair made My day I can tell you – from his snivelling begging to his huge frame belittled and looking like a giant baby all made me smile.

Then I thought what else can I do to him as I have so much power over him?

Shower him in the knickers, filling them up with water and then plunging his body into hot and cold shower water time and again threw him into a variety of different sensations and had me howling with laughter.

”Do you want to come out john? Show everone your pink frilly panties or endure some more soapy water down your panties?”

Well the obvious answer was to endure more and more as he really didn’t want to be paraded infront of others in such a sissy state.

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