May 252010

It started by leaving trails of messages to follow – the final being dropped in a book in a shop for the person to collect.

It was a glorious day in many ways. Firstly the sun was shinning and the sea a beautiful sight. And of course the fact that I got My man was such a bonus.

As a special treat the kidnap was photographed and filmed by someone else so for a change you  lucky readers will get snapshots of Me in action!

Enticing the victim to the seafront he was instructed to sit on a certain bench, previously marked and look out to sea awaiting his next instruction. He wandered around for a few moments before complying.  Watching from a safe distance it was easy to sneak up on him and press the chloroformed cloth against his mouth forcing him to breathe in the sweet sickly odours which would quickly take away his mind.

He went down flat onto the bench and was completely disorientated as I helped him across the prom – looking for all the world like a man the worse for drink. A woman was approaching looking concerned but I was ready to dismiss her by saying that he was always doing this……

Once in the kidnap mobile he was subjected to a quick strip and held in place by a mixture of rope, handcuffs and chain before being driven on a journey from hell where he was subjected to humiliation too disgusting to mention and reduced to a quivering wreck when he felt the threat to be very very real and trembled from head to foot as he couldn’t defend himself from the mad woman.

The entire time he claimed to have simply found the last note and followed the instructions only to see what it was about ‘a bit of fun’ ‘a giggle’ …….

Once I bored of his snivelling he was taken to the dungeon where his now feminine clad body was placed into a secure cage.  As his humiliation increased he became quite amusing singing My own version of Baa Baa Blacksheep.

After a while he was forced to press his nose onto the floor and thrust his arse up in the air as I inserted a toy into the tight hole…… stretching him for the arrival of ‘the boys’ Big Andy and Dave who would come and spit roast him.

Eventually I decided to lock him in the dark box before strapping him down, filling him to bursting point with enema water and fucking him while it sloshed around him until he really REALLY begged Me to stop – something he cursingly said he wouldn’t do.

The finale was wonderful – tying him back to back with one of My slaves and making them dance – as I whipped them of course…..

The outcome – dozens of pictures on hand to shame him any time I choose…….

May 252010

I have a couple of newly weds visiting My chambers for a complete role reversal session where the slut husband will learn its place as a slave of the household. New rules will be drawn up and a marriage contract created. The highlight will be the groom wearing the wedding dress and walking down the promenade!

This is My last instruction to them :

Hello honeymooners,
I hope that all went well today with the ceremony and you are not well and truly man and wife. I am looking forward to tomorrow immensely and must point out to you both how the day will unfold.
Firstly can you text Me as you park up in Morecambe so that I am ready for you in earnest. You will then step right inside the outer wooden door and wait to be met by Me.
At this point Mrs Wife will be greeted with a firm handshake whilst husband will stand with his head bowed looking at the floor, stood in his rightful place behind his wife.
I will then show you to the dungeon where chris will strip completely and present his manhood to both his Mistress and his wife – heaven help him if its showing any interest in its surroundings at all….. it will be severely dealt with if it does.
After inspection I will decide what hair is to come off and what will be staying and then proceed to deal with any dirty rude thoughts/naughtiness/disobedience/faults in a corrective manner.
Mrs wife will be asked if She wishes to be known by any other name as tina is created…. Mistress Wife/Goddess/Her Ladyship/Mistress other name or whatever.
Slave will have the penis and balls tethered tightly.
Slave will not be permitted to speak without permission. Nor will he have any choices whatsoever. Slave must avoid eye contact at all times and respond to questions with Yes Mistress, No Mistress or Thank you Mistress.
Mistress will be writing the new wedding vows as the day progresses and slave will have the opportunity to refuse signing them – unlikely as an enema will have been administered shortly before and the only way slave will be allowed to the toilet is upon completion of the slave vows. 3 or 4 pints should be enough to have it squirming.
Let hope that Mistress does not require the signature in blood……..
CBT – Cock and Ball Torture will be the entertainment for the Mistresses and we will draw up a list of punishments for if the slave whimpers or cries out within a certain time.
Slave will be allowed to use the dungeon safe words Red for ‘can’t cope with any more’ Amber for ‘please slow down – not sure if its nice or not’ and green only if asked what place he is at as pain and pleasure can be so close.
The wedding dress will be placed upon the slut slave before its new wife uses her congical rights and takes the slave with a strap on as it is strapped down and spread wide. The size of the strap on will depend directly upon how pleasing slave is to Mistress.
Finally slave will leave fully made up to walk the length of the promenade in its dress.
Any questions?

Mistress Beth

May 082010

Inserting the enema tube the bag was hung from the ceiling as the warm coffee dribbled down inside the slut. The slut knew she was going to be well and truely used. After the enema had clensed her I would set about clensing her dirty thoughts and thoroughly use the Mistress hole.

Strapped down as the liquid dribbled into her tightly closed hole (balloon pump holding her wide open and yet unable to leak) she watched as I arranged a variety of toys in all shapes and sizes. The sluts eyes bulged wide as I produced the authentic police baton – a full 18 inches of wooden power.

As she was untied she actually voiced a ‘thank you’ for letting her relieve the discomfort in her belly. How wrong. I simply untied her to put her to work as I enjoyed watching her jiggling about from one foot to the other sure she was going to burst and disgrace herself.

How she whinged and wined as I walked past with a cup of steaming hot coffee…..’more coffee dear?’ or are you a little full???

Now sing for Mistress – 4 nursery rhymes will do it. Polly put the kettle on, rain rain go away, incy wincy spider and its raining its pouring shall do nicely – all with a wet theme you will note…… how evil can a Mistress be???

After all the singing with alot of dancing – I assume due to the sheer quantity of coffee sloshing around I finally allowed her to go to the bathroom and deflate the plug where a huge whoosh was followed by a very happy sigh…….

Now for the baton……..

Apr 072010

Saturday saw the long awaited session for collared slave paul who due to an accident had been denied such pleasure for far too long.

He arrived as always with gifts – a huge easter egg and bottle of Baileys – which always puts Me in a good frame of mind.

Our session began with the usual stripped examination where I noted his little soldier, which was very pleased to see Me once more, needed my attentions to remove the unsightly hair so without wasting any time I pulled big tufts out to enable full vision of the balls. As he stood bound I continued examining every inch of his body.

As it was to be a lengthy session I was able to do so many things to further his education and re-visit previous lessons.  Together we explored enemas which was quite an experience for him as it was the last thing he anticipated (I do like to be full of surprises as allowing the slave the luxury of second guessing would never do!)

His penis was forceable stretched away from the balls its normally so closely nestled with. Makes the pin wheel and other CBT treatments so much more intense….. The addition of the solid brass rings around his bell end before the swelling set in was a fine touch and ensured that his penis felt quite choked!

Nipple torture followed after I had him bound helplessly, deprived of sight and responsive to my touch. Starting with small suction cups I moved along in stages until his nipples resembled little buds busting out into the world. Apparantly 4 days later they are still quite tender – a wonderful reminder of his training.

After such intense play paul reached his sub space with his head floating high above the dungeon bed, the colour draining from his face prompted Me to remove his hearing and cover him in a silk sheet for a 10 minute time out as I waited for Doris to bring the cups of tea down.

The highlight of the session for Me was his kidnap journey in the van dressed as a red whore house slut complete with wonderful makeup and a wig (see new entry Little RED slut meets a stranger in a field) how I enjoy stretching the comfort zone of my collared slave.