Aug 282011

aggie has been in th fold for a full year and presented Me with the most beautiful long stemmed purple roses, My favourite colour, which smelled and looked divine.

On the day she was put through many things, some she had already experienced, some new things and some moments of pure submission.

My favourite moment for the day was seeing her on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. What a job she made of it too – leaving the entire kitchen sparkling clean which brought smiles to My face for days!


Oh to be able to have her at My beck and call keeping everything spotless …. oh well we can all have fantasies can’t we!

Sylvia had been sent for to arrive during aggies visit and as I towered above the two slaves the sense of power and control was amazing. ‘Clean My shoes’ as they both took a leg each and got to work.

I had big plans for the afternoon – ones that aggie knew nothing about and the dreams of sylvia to be taken by a real man and traeted like the whore she was deep inside.

As sylvia was fastened to the bench, slave aggie worked hard to arrouse her, stroking her thighs, rubbing her red leather clad legs until she was begging for more.

Aggie didn’t disappoint Me and got to work immediatly the order was issued……. what a sight to see – I do enjoy forced bi, even forcing the ones who actually want it somehow makes it better.

Jul 042011

thigh high was summoned to the dungeon for an early start. silky the maid was already busy doing her chores dressed in a gorgeous purple silky dress and shiny black belt.

Thigh high was subjected to his usual ‘medication’ to relax him fully and I toyed with his body, pinching, slapping, stroking, whipping – that sort of thing. I had roped him to the new medical bench allowing him a view of the mirror above him.

After a while silky was called in to admire the huge hardon that had appeared and encouraged to wrap it in a condom and play with it being careful not to let it ‘go off’ either in the hand or mouth. she was very good and kept movong away as the pressure built and caressed the legs instead only to return to the cock time and again.

The last time they had met was thigh highs first forced bi experience and he was the ‘sucker’ whilst the maid rode his mouth. This time round though it was reversed and silky enjoyed having her mouth filled to the brim with a very hard bit of man meat.

Jun 192011

I had been in contact with the person in question for a matter of days. After reading some of the other blogs he was able to portray and articulate and interesting view of kidnap and more precisely becoming My latest ‘victim’.

The scene was set. Several instructions followed and directions to several different locations by text message. I can just imagine the stress as the adrenaline rushed around his body. Meanwhile I was sat at a sea front cafe wearing a red silk dress and sipping on a cup of coffee accompanied by a fully dressed and made up sherry maid. No one batted an eyelid.

At the given time I made My way- holding onto sherrys arm as if I were aiding her to walk – towards the victim and staggering into him, handcuffs at the ready under My coat I wasn’t quite ready for him as we bumped into one another …. however after a little struggle and some self defense moves from Me he was securely directed over a short walk and flung into the kidnap mobile.

What a fight he put up….. struggled, argued, wriggled, fought back just as anyone in a real kidnap situation would. Thankfully he didn’t use his entire stregnth as I would have been left in a heap!

His clothes were cut from his body as  there was no time to undress him prior to restraining him in his seat.  Taking the scissors and cutting every item from his was a great deal of fun.  Securing him with gaffer tape made me giggle – he wouldn’t be getting out of that in a hurry and I needed him to feel lost and ill at ease of his loss of freedom.

A drive to the country side saw him with fresh air blowing around the nether regions. He was quite sure he didn’t want to be tied to a tree outdoors before being given some female clothing to cover his modesty…. well that was a start. Between us sherry and I tormented his captive body, pulling at his nipples, flogging him with tree branches and using a vibrator to excite him.

Once back at the dungeon he was bundled indoors – naked – wearing just the hood before being dressed in a gorgeous red and black corset, short burlesque skirt and stockings. The first heels I put onto this now very sexy slave were so high that she couldn’t have run away at all.

Makeup and a wig transformed the everyday man into the stunningly beautiful ‘amy’,  a feminine creature who was taught how to walk the walk and sway her hips like a prostitute desperate for a client.  The transformation was amazing and the full photos are on My private members site for you all to enjoy.

After the red and black slut look, amy was poured into a silk green evening gown with matching sash and shoulder wrap. It fitted like a glove accentuating all her curves which are in all the right places.

Secured on her back she was to be taught what feminine sensations could feel like as electricity pulsed through her, stroking, teasing, sucking, scratching and gentle floggings were applied to her body and the anal penetrations sent her into shivery orgasms.

After an hour or two of teasing amy was ready to be forced into some bi action. The maid, sherry was told to prepare her cock and fuck the mouth of the now wanton slave amy. I believe in safe sex and a condom was applied which was replaced when the time to bend her over, face down and arse up to be taken by the maid in a truly slutty way.

Jun 182011

harley was strapped to the massage bench already having been subjected to a host of play at My fair hands whilst silky fully dressed busied herself cleaning the other dungeon rooms. Of course thigh high was nervous on arrival – I had given him several clues as to what to expect  and finally he managed to glean the words ‘forced bi’ after many frustrating attempts to work out the cryptic messages.

This was of course one of his fantasies. For harley to hear as another slave was being dealt with was to say the least exciting. The only one in the dark was poor silky slave who had no idea that her tasks for the day would go beyond cleaning duties!

I had barely slept thinking through all the combinations of having the boys together at My finger tips. Obviously some medication was needed to subdue them enough not to put up too much of a struggle! Harley was tightly bound down on his back complete with hood and legs in stirrups. Thigh high was also tied down onto his back but with his arms at the sides and his legs pulled backwards in quite a compromising way. 

Neither would be able to escape the plans I had in mind for them…..  In this picture you see thigh high strapped down with silky riding his mouth whilst wearing a maids outfit and high heeled shoes. Looking at the size of Thigh highs cock I don’t think it was too much of a turn off. What you have to remember is that the slaves are all quite straight and this truly is at the power of My command and purely to please Me.

After silky came into thigh-highs mouth (protected with a condom of course) harley was partially released and his arm dragged backwards for him to wank the other slave to completing. This was done as I administered a little additional medicine to thigh high – resulting in a massive screaming orgasm!


Well done boys – it was a sight to remember for Me.

May 172011

dix had always been bi-curious and when the oportunity arose for him to sample an hour of forced bi fun at the hands of the beautiful TV Domme Mistress Natasha under the guidance of his own Mistress he jumped at the chance.

Of course some fun and games had to start the session of and the addition of his gorgeous leather full face hood just added to the fun.

Swinging him in the hanging basket between 2 Dommes playing ‘catch the cock and slap it’ was incredibly funny. No sight, unable to move his hands and the netting crushing his body ensured he really had no choice but to grin and bear it!

Next stop was on his knees in front of Mistress Natasha, the hood replaced with a blindfold to free his slave mouth for action, he was aroused to the point of begging to taste the penis. Apparently he was very good for a first time and took the cock willingly from the tip of his tongue until it was touching the back of his throat.

Mistress Natasha was very pleased that She didn’t have  to force it deeply into his throat not whip him to do a good job and within minutes slave dix was begging openly to experience the cock in another orifice.