Apr 222011

Doesn’t it look wonderful? I cherish this hood. It has pride of place on My dressing table and with its complete liner and zip off front along with inflatable bits and pieces it never ceases to bring a smile to My face.

Slave g was placed inside it to deprive him of sight prior to a very full session of CBT which  I managed to capture on video as a momento for him to watch in the future.

The cock was stretched, pulled, twisted, hung low with a variety of weighted implements and subjected to a catalogue of abuse over a period of 2 hours.

Most would have crumbled under such pressure. At one point I shot a staple from the heavy duty staple gun into the seat his balls were resting on and then set about repeating the exercise with the balls firmly trapped between the gun and leather seat. Simply by repeating ‘the cock and balls belong to you Mistress’ gave him the strength not to break although he did manage to elevate the seat 6 inches into the air at one point which was incredibly amusing to Me.

It has to be said that slave g looks wonderful in the orange heavy rubber hood doesn’t he?


Like an alien abducted and ready for examination by a mad humanoid with an enquiring mind!!!!

Apr 052011

Just a passing message innocently sent by PC.

An innocent enough conversation strikes up. Then the bombshell

“Tomorrow ….. 10.00 possibly 10.15 at My abode”

Speechless, well almost, just a little over 12 hours to prepare

The nervousness and the shakes kick in hard. Accelerated big time by the exchange that followed

By the time the conversation ended I could hardly keep my hand still

The usual departure was delayed slightly, correspondingly traffic was increased then a huge traffic jam. I really didn’t need this, visions of my very first visit to the Mistress, late, lost, Mistress losing faith. Not looking good at all.

However finally I arrived, within 4 minutes of the allotted time. Nervous, worried slightly fearful This visit is most unexpected, very sudden and little time to prepare. Usually I have a few days notice. The butterflies and nerves are on max now. I messaged Mistress to announce my arrival, again very uncharacteristic a long wait for a reply. Was Mistress doing this on purpose? Was She testing me in some way? Have I done something to displease Her. All these things merely added to my anxiety and increasing my adrenaline levels, almost to bursting.

Finally a message “Enter I will be a few minutes.”

Duty bound I adopted my usual pose and waited behind the closed door, inches away reality and freedom. Deeper inside the Mistresses dark web, “Who knows”

The staccato tap of The Mistresses heels announced her arrival way before anything else

“Good morning Mistress” I whispered shakily

“downstairs” She commanded

A few brief verbal exchanges and I was commanded to strip.

I stood before her hands behind my back shaking, nervous even slightly worried about what might happen next

Without too much preamble and whilst seemingly preoccupied in unsightly hair removal Mistress outlined her plan. I would remain standing, at least while preparations were undertaken. Without further hesitation I was cuffed by my wrists to the ceiling, I stood unknowing what would be next.

Without wasting anymore time Mistress selected a latex hood, a Studio Gum MFM 06 Multifunction Latex Mask. Firstly the Mistress pulled the hood over my features. It has open eyes nose and mouth and is not too intolerable. That would soon change since this hood mask combination has some fiendish accessories. Mistress quickly gagged me one of my last recollections is seeing her walking towards me with the inflation bulb for the inflatable gag now secured deep in my mouth. A few short inflation’s and I was rendered speechless. Now the blindfold was attached and I was plunged into darkness.

A short exposure to the Mistresses little bottle and any resistance was quickly subdued. Some thing scared me now about how quickly this was moving, quite uncharacteristic of previous sessions. The shakes kicked in and I was completely unable to stop them. I was repeatedly reminded by the rattle of the chains from which my wrists were hung.

I heard and felt her fumbling with the hood and quickly realised the outer face mask was being attached. My breath now coming through a rebreather bag attached to the face of the mask

Then something touched my right thigh?

Mistress seemed to be placing something around it? Seemingly to hold something cold feeling in contact with my skin. My mind was racing now since we had exchanged ideas on techniques for using the violet wand. Surely not with me stood like this I knew I would never survive a session like that?

Soon even my waist was wrapped? From the sound could it be clingfilm?

I was being prepared like a picnic sandwich clingfilmed for freshenss. Somehow I had little doubt this was for my personal protection

I quickly found my entire torso wrapped, both legs too. My arms were not going to miss out on The Mistresses attentions either soon both arms were wrapped and my hands were balled then the wrap went around my arms and torso and I was in effect mummified. Finally some form of tape was tightly applied rendering me quite immobile. During the wrapping process several cold items were placed against various parts of my body, both sides of waist, upper leg and buttocks. Cold but they quickly warmed to my body heat Mistress then applied further wrap presumably to ensure they remained where they were placed?

Mistress came behind me holding me tightly against her. She whispered in my ear that I was to be lowered to the floor. This didn’t sound good. But I was helpless to object. I quickly found myself in the relative comfort of the floor something was placed under my head then Mistress finished off the last part of me not yet covered, my feet. They too were wrapped then tightly bound with tape.

So here I am hooded gagged blinded, once again my breathing at the complete mercy of The Mistress and now shrink wrapped like a chicken in Sainsbury. It couldn’t get any worse. Could it?

Any one that imagines that the Mistress would be satisfied with this level of control and restraint is deluding themselves. Oh no this was just the preparation.

What followed over the next few hours was possibly the most intense breathplay session I have ever experienced. Tortured all the time by what appeared to be some electrical device connected to what were pads firmly attached under the clingfilm.

All manner of devilish things were tried I was flogged beaten and my breath seriously controlled.

I was shaking now uncontrollably almost constantly just waiting for the next touch, the next smell the next sensation to hit.

My last memory before slipping into oblivion was of the Mistress removing the hood, perhaps I was to be released. But before I could even blink and eye the all too familiar bondage hood replaced the removed hood and I was once again in my familiar darkened world and completely at the mercy of The Mistress.

I really must apologise now for my lack of clarity but to cut a long story short all I do recall was that journey once more, Mistress was leading me along that hitherto seldom trod path to cyberspace. Ironic really, quite a twist since in my naiveté I had only recently been discussing this in my search for an answer to an experience I had been given only too recently under The Mistresses expert guidance.

Somehow now something told me the Mistress was testing me?

Perhaps she had something even more deviously fiendish planned? Only time would tell

I am vaguely aware that the shakes continued ever increasingly, my adrenaline was on overload. I can tell you that cyberspace was visited not once but several times , 3 maybe 4 ?

I was on sensory overload, carefree, relaxed even at times apart from words nothing could be heard or done I was in heaven or is this hell. Confused.com

Wherever it was I visited over and over as Mistress utilised many forms of tease and torture to ensure my journey was complete.

My previous tales have led you to believe I had experienced all I could have at the hands of The Mistress especially in this chapter of my journey.

That was Chapter 1 it seems

A mere introductory fleeting visit

Now it appears the journey starts in earnest

Finally daylight, perhaps I was to be released? But no, Mistress pushed  further and harder driving me ever deeper into mindless oblivion this time with an anaesthetic rebreather.

Eventually freedom and a drink of water

short-lived mind since soon I was enclosed within The Mistresses latest device, a latex sleepsack, seemingly a present from an admirer. Once more now the tension was building, as were the shakes as Mistress busied herself tidying up, leaving me wriggling on the floor, secured in black latex and once again completely at the mercy of the Mistress. My vision soon impaired once again this time by a simple latex hood. Struggle though I did, I really think escape from within its confines is impossible without outside help

Mistress you never fail to amaze me at the extent of your kinkiness and devious ideas

your ever obedient and most grateful servant


Jul 232010

I created this new toy quite some time ago and believe that it is indeed unique. There is no where else that you could feel as tightly bound as inside this inflatable cocoon.

First the sub is bound by the use of a spreader bar across the arms  which sits flat under the back whilst the legs are held wide apart with a special leather pillow.

Blindfolded of course and totally unaware of what is to folow, the sounds, sensations and feelings that will strike at any moment. Of course the slave can hear My voice and knows that I can hear them – would I stop if they panicked??? Hmmmm