paul was severly pegged……..ouch

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Aug 062013

paul was always able to take whatever I threw at him and thoroughly earned his collar.

Just take a look at this and imagine all those little peg teeth biting into a slaves most delicate area.

Imagine also My glee as I clipped each one in place with a running commentary as to the total count and how sore it all looked.

Then just think about what I was likely to do with the shiny metallic pegs…..  with the little string running through them in the form of a zip….. I could yank it off in one swift move – one or two may tear the delicate skin or I could do something else completely different……especially with a violet wand to hand…. it would be a shame not to wouldn’t it????

I can only say that pauls privates lit up looking like they should be adorned in pride of place on a christmas tree …..

Theres always this year I suppose.

humiliated, dressed, gagged and bound…. what more could a slave need?

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Aug 022013

This particular sub needs to be dressed to the nines with very high heels, make up and wig to begin that journey of submission at My feet.

Once I start to restrain her, flogging her gently with soft velvet tails and caress her privates with the cool gentleness of a rubber whip she comes to life.

The need to gag her with a penis inside her mouth with a huge one protruding out of her face is more for me than her.


Total humiliation, she will cream her knickers if I carry on with this treatment. Soft touches, whispered messages, caresses, freeing her inner slut as she is dangled before me takes her to her sub space time and again.

Knowing that I could reverse that cock and place the long one deep inside her throat if she were to disappoint me in any way is the sort of fear she needs…..

After all can too much pleasure be a bad thing?

I am indeed ready for you….. email Me now

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Jul 252013

Write to ME at and politely tell Me why you deserve a place amongst My very private stable of boys.


Becoming one of My boys is indeed a great honour and the deep relationship that will develop ensures that play sessions are incredible and WILL take you beyond your limits as you both excite Me and become bathed in the feelings that can only be described as exhilirating as you fall into your subspace.

In your initial email I want to know a little about you. Your basic fantasies, any hard limits along with your location and usual availability times.

DO NOT write out your fantasy in full, living everyword as if it were indeed real as My experience tells Me that you are actually getting off on sharing your fantasy rather than being of interest to Me.

Be prepared to prove you are genuine – trust is important and I WILL NOT betray that trust but if you are new to Me you need to take that leap of faith or just move along as I have no interest in the top 20 reasons you will be able to muster…… I have heard them all before and do not need you if you cannot comply with My orders.


Be as honest as you can be – I am not easily shocked and see Myself as up there with the priests and doctors of the world in My ability to keep your secret unless it includes an actual offence against nature. Fantasising about taboo subjects is fine so long as it remains a game and doesn’t spill into real life.

Please refrain from asking prompting questions ie ‘Do you think I will make a good sissy’ I am not here to humour or titilate you by playing into your fantasy. Respect My intergrity and do not waste my time.

I always dress the part as it makes ME feel strong, powerful and ultimately sexy. You will not be in a position to ask me to wear a certain thing…. I will only do that as I discover the things that really turn you on over time. However if you desire to be dressed in a certain way then I will happily listen  to you.

Buffy – just what torment could I possible have dreamt up whilst she was cramped and alone in that small cage..

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Jul 162013

She had been crammed into the small cage as I planned what I could do after she promised that I could do absolutely anything in exchange for keeping her dirty little secret out of public view.

I phoned one of My bitches who arrived and was fully dressed. Ready for fun I released the caged victim before binding them together back to front forcing them to dance together, wriggle, rub up against one another gyrate like the love starved sluts that they were.

Anyone pausing or not giving enough effort would be punished with a whack of the crop of a slash of the flogger. The violet wand was even brought into use as the effort levels drops failing to please Me.

Eventually My mind fell to the ultimate humiliation – making buffy suck My strap on whilst being fucked by the other slave with a larger strap -on….. perfect.

All I can say is that the orgasm that shot out of buffy shook her from head to foot it was so intense…… wanna see what caused it?????

pammie – what a wriggly bitch…. its only a few mind blowing sensations!

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Jul 132013

pammie is a joy to dominate. As soon as she is in My clutches she starts to wriggle and moan letting out deep sighs of pleasure and this is a joy to any Mistresses ears. To hear that your work is effective is such a thrill and almost an aphrodisiac to Me.

Here she is

Here she is all jumbled up just to protect her identity – although I would be quite confident that My skills of transformation would allow her to walk past her best friend unrecognised – the difference from the everyday look is absolutely terrefic.

Using ropes and bondage I subjected her to so many different sensations and emotions that she was visibly moved. So vulnerable and yet so safe in a strange but adds such a deep dynamic to our playtimes.