Jul 312011

The new boy travelled for a total of 7 hours to enjoy – if that’s the right word! enjoy 2 hours of My torment.

I took great pleasure in controlling his intake of breath and the application of ‘black beauty’ to a man who can clear two bottles of poppers in a session pushed him into the ‘biggest high of his life’

To be honest the time flew by, he was suspended fully encased in heavy duty rubber, hooded and played with to the point of orgasm and beyond many times as he drifted in and out of consciousness, flying around the dungeon in a pleasant aura of relaxation.

The application of deep heat and urethral sounds coupled with some serious electrics had him buzzing like a bee and singing like a bird.

Worth the journey? He certainly thought so.

Jun 212011

No she can not. If I want a bitch to play with then she will be available. On this occassion she was sent on a bit of a mystery tour with emails and text directions resulting in a coffee break where she could gather her senses, calm down and think up a reasonable explanation for Me.

Not so, as she parked her car in the carpark of a busy restaurant I was upon the drivers door in a flash – before she even had the ignition switched off. At first it didn’t register that it could be Me dressed in a skin tight fitted black dress holding a carrier bag….. it registered as soon as I pushed the syringe filled with vile looking red liquid towards her flesh accompanied by the words – ‘now janie are you going to do exactly what I want or should I stab this into you’

Absolutely no where to go and not a moment to think about any form of escape, janie just nodded in a crazy sort of way whilst sqeaking ‘no needles please’.

Right open the boot of your car and get in……. she did!

Hand gagging her with My leather glove and a wad soaked in poppers ensured she was quiet as I finished wrapping her in sticky brown parcel tape, ropes and handcuffs before slamming the boot shut, stealing her car and driving off to who knows where…….

May 102011

Lucy was in need of a good seeing to, she had been practicing at home and had managed to stretch her Mistress slot quite alot compared to the anal virgin I began to see several months ago.

During her visit I showed her My strap on monster and her eyes literally filled up with tears at the thought of taking it – after all something you struggle to get your fingers all teh way round is bound to be pretty invassive isn’t it?????

As playtime progressed and lucy was dressed and undressed several times, taken with a steadily increasing size of dildo I applied some poppers on a cloth and decided to just go for it……..


It would be fair to say that lucy moaned and whined like a bitch on heat during the seeing to of her life!

Feb 182011

thigh high’s biggest desire was to take a strap-on but always tensed up too much to enable it to happen. We have had loads of fun in other ways along his journey though.

Standing naked before Me he was subjected to an examination during which I decided that it was time for his practically virginal status to end as soon as was possible….. Evil Mistress Beth had ideas that She was not going to share with the worthless naked sub.

Get to your knees and clean My boots. As I examined My fingernails he kissed his way along My feet and up My legs, as he got to My thigh I barked at him ‘What did I tell you to do? Kiss My legs or clean My boots? Not get your tongue out and lick every inch clean ….NOW. … do it again and this time do it properly or I will pull your cock up behind you between your legs and pull it so hard your tongue won’t be able to get back into your mouth… NOW LICK…..

He licked – and a very good job he did of it too.

Howeveras it was just before I went on holiday and he would have to survive 2 whole weeks without Me, he was subjected to some new ‘medice’, shhhh along with some poppers of a particular ilk…. which took him so far over the edge that I was able to not only fuck him up the arse taking him to new levels but after turning him over I was able  to actually MILK HIM…. his penis squirting reams of jism uncontrollably as he watched from his position of very restrictive bondage, in total disbelief at what was happening before his very eyes.

He knew he was coming but there was absolutely no feeling of orgasmic pleasure. Mind you, saying that, he did have to lie quietly for 10 minutes to recover his senses!!!!

What a session.

Jan 272011

poppers are ok for some people and not so for others. I only use amyll based ones as the synthetic ones tend to cause burns and headaches whereas the amyll nitrate is in and through your body without any such effects.

In the many years Harley has been collared I hadn’t used poppers on him until quite recently. He was chained to the inner cell gate, arms spread, legs wide open being flogged with a cat’o’nine tails with rigid metal cores inside each tail.

The pain was so great that he was actually swinging his legs in the air a few inches allowing the gate to take his weight – quite a feat due to the way he was tied.

Unwilling to stop My fun I smothered his mouth with a cloth loaded with poppers and tilting back his head hissed into his ear to breathe in deeply. Watching his like a hawk his body gave away all his secrets as he literally ‘swam’ before My eyes, floating on a cloud of euphoria.

Putting down the cloth I continued with My strokes, cutting into his flesh he received the punishment his slave body had been sentenced to for a crime he is yet to commit.