Bright pink spike heels.

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May 052013

Don’t they look absolutely stunning adorning the toes of janie slut. They fit her like a pair of gloves and with her shapely calfs and long legs really set her feet off to a good start.

Next I would have to ensure that the rest of the slut matched these feet before starting My magic upon her slave soul taking her right to the edge and beyond.

BACK AGAIN…… hip hip hurray!

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Apr 022012

3 cheers for the launch of the all new blog pages after its very nasty virus. Well done web man – although you will be punished as its only right you should have to suffer for faults beyond your control!!!!


I have so much news for you all so will be publishing a new blog everyday again to keep you all amused a fetish filled.

Remember of you want to be featured in this blog email me………. you too could be a star.

As a special treat for you rubber lovers here is a phto of Mistress Beth in a gas mask whilst administering noxious substances to a slave. I have a whole load of blog about rubber slave david and what has to be an absolutely stunning take down and kidnap.

Jun 282011

pammie was dressed, made up and strutted her sexy stuff before Me. Some hand spanking brought her attention into focus and got her sashaying like the whore I created.

The agenda for the day had upon it some violet wand play along with a little anal penetration. The feel of her sexy little basque with suspenders clinging to silky stockings was glorious under My fingertips. Hearing her giggle at My silly jokes was music to My ears.

Get on your knees pammie and look at that slut in the mirror….. High heels locked to the feet, no where to run to she was corned and tied down. Maid sherry was in the dungeon that week and was locked in the cage able to catch small glimpses and just wish it were her being dealt with.

The violet wand was great fun and when it ‘popped’ inside to say hello in a personal sort of way it just looked as good as it obviously felt from the moaning unfolding before Me.

I teased and tormented her, stroking her buttocks, raking My nails down her back, teased her mentally and had her positively gushing with lust before inserting the glowing hot, tingling rod deep inside her. Playing with the controls each thrust would deliver a totally different sensation – with no clue as to what was next she wriggled and writhed, purred and panted as I smiled down on her.

What do you think I did next? Correct………….. I fucked her properly with My pink pal – the strap on!

Mar 172011
Following on from my last visit to the Mistress it took a number of days to finally sink back to my normal world, surely a confirmation of the Mistresses ability to control the levels to which you might be fortunate enough to soar, Mistress permitting of course. 
I suspect that why she delights in securing the poor unfortunate in such a way as to seriously impair any such soaring?
Those of you who know the Mistress know all too well no such confirmation is needed.
The reason for the prolonged return to normality I suspect was in part from her blog which I find myself turning to at least once daily. There may well be things slaves have never considered before? I suspect many of us are deeply ensconced in our own little worlds? You are really recommended to open your minds and to reach out, there might be something else out there you might like, or not as the case may be. Regardless of your own feelings and wants I don’t doubt for one moment that one day if she desires Mistress Beth will be taking you there.
So I found myself once again taking the bait, so carefully placed by the Mistress, she just knew I would never resist. I am sure I am not alone
The day after my session Mistress typed
I want one of these……
Google is a great tool, not quite as good as the one Mistress had pointed to, not quite so err……  hurtful and scary
An way moments later a few e mails pass and the tool the Mistress desires is on its way
There then followed
Weekend jobs……
how disappointing so few of you out there felt compelled to offer your services for Mistress Beth? She is after all  guaranteed not to permit a hard days work go unrewarded.
I would have volunteered myself ….but   At the moment  you see, I have this bone in my leg
Next came
Sensory deprivation – what effect does it have on you?
Those of you familiar with the comings and going of the Mistresses blog will know I am sure exactly where I sit on that one? I don’t think I need say more.
Stockings? Hold ups or suspenders?
Ahhhh a subject so dear to my heart
Stockings every time for me if it pleases the Mistress
Each has their own merit and indeed each is completely different
I duly submitted my views
The Mistress graced me with her reply
“I think you should purchase a multi strap suspender belt in a size suitable to clad your own hips – tightly – as I shall be progressing along that road as soon as”
Now never ever would I dare to point out that my comments have seemingly been taking out of context or worse perhaps twisted or misunderstood
But I meant for the Mistress to wear NOT ME ooohh errr me and my big mouth
So another item is acquired a beautiful new suspender belt and of course a few pairs of stockings for the Mistresses amusement. Nice wide straps and of course lots of them, not one of these modern looking cant really do the job styles.
Which brings me to my most recent venture into Mistress Beths darkened web
My experience usually start with a few passing e mails which I do assure you really helps to set the scene. By the time it comes for me to journey to present myself at her chambers my wild imagination is already well and truly in hyperdrive, the butterflies and shakes of wanton expectancy are very present. Once the date is set I innevitably lock myself into my CB6000 release from which is only when and if the Mistress decides.
I duly presented myself bearing gifts as usual in the misguided hope that Mistress might look favourably upon me and give me an easy time.
Save your money slaves Mistress appears to be insensitive to slaves bearing gifts
Once in her chambers and duly invited to strip Mistress quite surprised me by releasing my CB600 immediately and informing me that this would be a completely different session to previous. This time she informed me I would be able to see what was coming…?
Mistress immediately made me comfortable in her torture chamber, well if you can call it comfortable, arms cuffed to the side, legs spread wide and tied at ankles to the “seat” that was offered. Next a little red rope was used to secure my thighs to the chair and another to ensure I didn’t slump forwards and fall off. Mistress really takes this Elf and safety seriously. As she has pointed out before nothing worse than a “slight accident” resulting in unplanned pain to her slave. After all where would Mistresses pleasure be then?
Mistress sat before me and pulled her little table of “interesting implements of torture” over
The first items to be selected were….. little molegrips ohhhh my goood nooooooo please
without further ado both my nipples had nice shiny engineering type adornments
Some one said in one of her blogs 1001 uses?
Never thought of molegrips and that one?
Mistress next delighted in showing me some twisted spiral contraption which I was in no doubt would soon find itself painfully attached to my body. My poor cock and balls were soon trapped within the shiny twisted coil of steel,  er sorry The Mistresses cock and balls since of course I no longer had any say. The whole unpleasant experience took a little time but finally her fiddling stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. Sadly short-lived as she now used another pair of molegrips to ensure my poor contained cock had nowhere to go.
Being able to see and sitting in view of a mirror Mistress seemed to delight in this new found fear that she could utilise to her benefit as I remained unable to object.
For me personally the fact that I witnessed what was to come had me on that elevated plain so quickly. We have all had needles at the doctors? How many of us delight in watching? I know I don’t
Mistress next delighted in fitting a steel CB with integral sound, she was not going to fail in this decision. My discomfort mattered not and with the use of her trusty molegrips I was once again secured to her satisfaction
It wasn’t long however before Mistress took pity upon me and decided to remove both sight and sound utilising a most awesome bondage hood. What happened next and for how long I really cant recall other than the previously promised “box of tricks” seemingly came into play. I was taken on a journey of pleasure and pain and more so a journey of heightened expectancy which had me quite literally shaking uncontrollably wondering where and when the next onslaught might be.  I experienced electrical play ranging from tease to torment to torture at times feeling like red hot needles were being inserted. Frequently during this time I was taken away from it all with a most expertly conducted breathplay session which had me so removed at times my situation was no longer a concern.
Blinded now with all remaining senses on overload I was occasionally reminded of the presence of the Mistress as she brushed against me adjusting this or that, the feel of her stockings on my thigh, of her breasts on my chest as she reached above me more importantly the sweet smell of her perfume whenever she approached close enough.
Each session with Mistress never fails to provide some new experience.
This session did just that.
Some where in the midst of all of this Mistress finally had her way and I want one of these…… was finally a reality, it appears I had one of those although I must admit to being unaware, the pictures are testament to its use and the way it found itself part of the Mistresses electrical play
and all the time I was in overload from the various sensations I was subjected to, teased with all manner of items, some good some not so good some downright evil and quite painful. Yet in the darkness and silence I endured, imagining that face before me, the Mistress clad in a latex dress and corset laughing at my discomfort. The Mistress in her element playing and gaining pleasure from whatever entered her mind.
The highs and lows of intense electrical play added with the isolation and breathplay had me once more in tears. Tears of joy or of pain who knows.
Would I go there again?
Not for me to say that is the Mistresses decision.
Soon I felt her releasing my bonds. My how time flies.
But I remained in darkness and silence as she led me into her other room
Here I found my wristcuffs clipped to the overhead rail and now unable to move she teased and tormented once more
her hands running all over my body
Mistress teased and tormented before I felt something fastened around my waist and quickly followed by rolling something smooth up my legs
Suddenly bright lights, no its not Gremlins I can be fed after midnight and water doesn’t do nasty things, but my eyesight was restored and I gazed upon my suspended form in the mirror before me wearing yes….. black nylon stockings and that damned suspender belt. How misunderstood can a slave be?
The last thing I saw was the Mistress returning to her helplessly suspended slave holding a vibrator which was quickly put to use, how pleasurable? But as many will know with pleasure inevitably comes pain and when it was applied to the metal in the end of my poor cock it was transmitted like fire through my body.
I was quickly plunged back into darkness and tormented with the vibrator further. I felt her body pressed closely to my back her hands grasping my penis and that damned vibrator. Then an entirely new sensation, I believed it to be a latex clad finger tracing from between my legs reaching forward to my cock and balls and slowly teasing its way back to my waist, teasing and tormenting. But no it was vibrating? At first shock mellowing with the sensations to quite pleasurable, was this a new side to the Mistress I had not yet experienced? Smooth and sensual  Then something pressing firmly at my tightly puckered anus. Now I have to admit to never having been one for anal pleasures but the pressure was relentless and inevitably I succumbed. The Mistress now able to take full delight in stimulating me front and rear simultaneously. I lost count how many times I slumped in those cuffs, chained as I was to the ceiling.
Once again this slave feels most honoured and privileged to be the attention of his Mistress for but a few hours
Any of you out there reading this feel inspired?
I urge you, contact Mistress Beth,
I guarantee you will not be disappointed
Your most humbled servant

Jan 152011

It was a last minute arrangement – he texted Me to see if by chance I was free that afternoon? Because it was him and I knew him well I agreed to a last minute silken kidnap.

Arranging to meet him in a car park I posed as a car buyer and examined what was under the bonnet of his BMW. As he leant forward to point something out I clamped My hand over his mouth and applied to wad loaded with poppers to his face.

Siezing the moment I slid two tiny silken scarves over his wrists already tied in slip knots to lock into position. Into the kidnap mobile he was tethered and rendered unable to move -purely with silk. Blindfolded and gagged, cock out and tied… the perfect victim.

As it happens I had arranged to meet with My Mistress friend G and picked her up to accompany is on our journey …. how we both laughed at his discomfort and begging….. especially when tugging at his balls with a length of rope.

Back to the dungeon he was tethered down and teased mercilessly by not just Me but two Dominatrices. Silk caressing his entire body before being tortured into telling Me how powerful I am….. he refused to say the words so the power was turned up until he could take no more and spat out the words ”You Are The Most Amazing And Powerful Mistress In The World Mistress Beth” and believe Me it was an effort as I had to spell the words out one by one for him to mimic……

Hypnosis placed him in a lovely lulled state after he had escaped his bounds twice – thats the down side to silk, its just so slippy!

To even things up I put the humbler on him and whipped his cock…

2 hours flew by and as he was leaving he had to add ‘thanks sweetheart’ just to ensure that his next meeting would have Me ready to punish him.