paul was severly pegged……..ouch

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Aug 062013

paul was always able to take whatever I threw at him and thoroughly earned his collar.

Just take a look at this and imagine all those little peg teeth biting into a slaves most delicate area.

Imagine also My glee as I clipped each one in place with a running commentary as to the total count and how sore it all looked.

Then just think about what I was likely to do with the shiny metallic pegs…..  with the little string running through them in the form of a zip….. I could yank it off in one swift move – one or two may tear the delicate skin or I could do something else completely different……especially with a violet wand to hand…. it would be a shame not to wouldn’t it????

I can only say that pauls privates lit up looking like they should be adorned in pride of place on a christmas tree …..

Theres always this year I suppose.

The latest kidnap plot for rubber slave david…..

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Aug 012013
I am going to share with you the sort of build up my kidnap kictims receive. Ted has already been interrogated under torture for his sins but a new plot line has come to mind and this is the email that reached him to enable him to study it ready for interrogation……

 It has come to My attention that Ted was indeed involved in the deeply undercover ‘rubber section’ in years gone by.


This agency was seen as the supreme method of spying as the agents were adorned head to foot in thick soundproof rubber and could penetrate deep areas such as drains and gardens.


Their suits were fitted with sophisticated listening devices and enough water to keep them hydrated for 48 hours. They had probes that could be fed through air vents or even through sewerage pipes to pop up inside toilets, sinks and the such. The probes were fibre optic and practically undetectable to the human eye.


Of course this was a god send for spies as they could get close enough to burrow those probes through anything, bricks, tarmac, soil – nothing was impenetrable.


Once in hiding, confined in the rubber suits the spy’s received the information and translated it into code. Mathematical code that was so secret only 20 people in the country could translate it.


These spies were responsible for the Baring’s bank crash, one of the oldest investment banks in  the country who ‘lost’ a staggering 25 million  in the crash damaging the entire British banking system. This was pinned solely on  Nicholas Leeson. Investment banker ‘Nick’ was blamed for the entire travesty and did indeed serve time in prison.


But he was innocent wasn’t he Ted? The government needed to lay their hands on £25m for some reason and this was the easiest way to do it without getting mud on their hands.


Just what conversations were listened into to facilitate this fraud? What did they need the money for? Research? Rumour has it that it was simply the first step in pushing the country into ‘hard times’ to curfew spending and push the people down with a sense of poverty.


In more recent times Britain’s most successful serial confidence trickster, Achilleas Kallakis, faces up to 10 years in jail after being found guilty of duping banks out of more than £750m.

Kallakis and his co-fraudster, Alex Williams appeared at Southwark crown court to receive their sentence for orchestrating Britain’s biggest ever mortgage fraud. The former Croydon travel agent tricked a series of bankers into believing he was a super-rich Mayfair property baron and convinced them to lend him millions to fund lucrative deals.

Were they chosen to carry the can because 18 years ago the two men previously stood alongside one another – at the same court – pleading guilty to a forgery scheme involving the sale of bogus manorial titles to unsuspecting Americans.

What is this all about? A further payment to some organisation? This time 3 TIMES  the £25m.


Are we being blackmailed as a country? Trafficking nuclear weapons or simply funding the greedy lifestyles of the MPs? The rumour mill churns out claims of much bigger things which I am sure you are aware of.


One day soon you will be tracked down and be answerable to these question and many many more …….

Buffy – just what torment could I possible have dreamt up whilst she was cramped and alone in that small cage..

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Jul 162013

She had been crammed into the small cage as I planned what I could do after she promised that I could do absolutely anything in exchange for keeping her dirty little secret out of public view.

I phoned one of My bitches who arrived and was fully dressed. Ready for fun I released the caged victim before binding them together back to front forcing them to dance together, wriggle, rub up against one another gyrate like the love starved sluts that they were.

Anyone pausing or not giving enough effort would be punished with a whack of the crop of a slash of the flogger. The violet wand was even brought into use as the effort levels drops failing to please Me.

Eventually My mind fell to the ultimate humiliation – making buffy suck My strap on whilst being fucked by the other slave with a larger strap -on….. perfect.

All I can say is that the orgasm that shot out of buffy shook her from head to foot it was so intense…… wanna see what caused it?????

Mistress Natasha looks amazing as she trains a slut in forced bi…..

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Apr 102013

Mistress Natasha always looks amazing as she takes care of her appearance and is always dressed to the nines.

Her humour is similar to My own and laughter can often be heard ringing out in the confines of the dungeon when we are both together. The things we fine funny are probably certifiable but we laugh like drains whilst putting a slut through its paces.

I have to say that she is My favourite TV Domme as she really does have it all… personality, looks, dress sense, figure, wicked mind and a big cock….. what more could a slave wish for as he is pushed through his forced bi training by a skilled, talented Domme..

I can take no credit for the sessions as I am really only there to watch as I do enjoy a bit of cock choking!

What would you eat for your Mistress? Anything at all????

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Mar 222013

Bin slave was invited to eat some toenails snipped from another slave with particularly cheesy feet.

The toenails themselves had an odour like no other and I had to pick them up with tweezers to protect My fingers from the crusty flaky athletes foot ridden thickened nails.

Making the slave kneel at My feet and beg to eat the rancid nails just made the fun more special. He was positively gagging and knew that he could not refuse anything I procured for him.

It was even more fun for Me as I had enjoyed the pleasure of cutting the toenails from slave john which he hates and begs and pleads for Me to stop.

Double whammy……